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Last few weeks I was reading FlexRay protocol. Basically it is a Time Triggered protocol but it supports an Event triggered approach also. Nothing to say about the new protocol other than it is Simply Great. Lot of chip manufacturers are producing FlexRay controllers. Freescale is having one. They are integrating FlexRay peripheral into their S12X series
of microcontrollers.

About FlexRay
Supports high data rate (upto 10Mbps)
Synchronous and Asynchronous frame transmission
Guaranteed frame latency and jitter during synchronous transfer
Prioritization of frames during asynchronous transfer
Distributed Clock synchronization
Scalable fault tolerance

More information is available here

Future looks bright for FlexRay as it can be used in Steer By Wire and other
safety critical applications where too much data rate is required.
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I am Ciju


Started studying VxWorks. Just gone through concurrency control. Different types of semaphores. In which Mutual exclusion semaphores supports priority inhertance protocol to avoid priority inversion. Great!!
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